Genre 2, Chick Lit: Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

18 Mar

AUTHOR: Sophie Kinsella                                    DATE READ: February 10 – 16, 20149416

TITLE: Confessions of a Shopaholic                       PUB. DATE: 2001     

GENRE: Chick-Lit                                                 PAGES: 310

APPEAL CHARACTERISTICS:                                            

        PACING: light, quick

        CHARACTERIZATIONS: quirky, series (character), first person narration, realistic 

        STORY LINE: straight-line plot, main character centered novel, single point of view                                                                         

        FRAME: humorous, romantic, contemporary, urban, upbeat, romantic, minimal background     


A young sophisticated woman, Rebecca Bloomwood, who lives in a luxury apartment in London deals with every day temptations of buying expensive items she cannot afford.  Even though she is a writer for a finance magazine, she is neglectful about managing her own finances, her spending escalates, and she falls more into debt.  Rebecca ignores the problem by hiding away the bank bills, not communicating with them, and running to the country to leave all her financial problems behind. Her attitude to take responsibility towards her financial life changes after she helps her family’s friends with their money misfortune.

Geographical setting: England

Time period: 1997-2000

Series: Shopaholic series (6 novels)                

Subject headings: Young women – Fiction, London (Englad) – Fiction, Shopping – Fiction, Debt – Fiction, Rebecca Bloomwood – Fictitious character

SIMILAR AUTHORS:   Lauren Weisberger, Lori Culwell, Lindsey Kelk, Alexandra Potter, Sue Margolis, Jane Green


Genre comments:

On her website, Rian Montgomery defines Chick lit as “smart, fun fiction for and/or about women of all ages.  Many of these books are written from a first-person viewpoint, making them a bit more personal and realistic. The plots can range from being very light and fast-paced to being extraordinarily deep, thought-provoking and/or moving.” Chick Lit is considered one of the emerging genres and it is surely addresses problems that women face today.  (Saricks, 2009, p.159) 


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