Genre 4, Romance: Miracle by Danielle Steel

18 Mar

AUTHOR: Danielle Steel            DATE READ: February 24 – March 1, 2014

TITLE: Miracle                          PUB. DATE: 20059780553757200_p0_v1_s260x420

GENRE: Romance                      PAGES: 181

APPEAL CHARACTERISTICS                                             

         PACING: fast paced, light

         CHARACTERIZATIONS: evocative, predictable, and lifelike

         STORY LINE: plot- driven, gentle                                                                              

         FRAME: psychological, heartwarming, contemporary

PLOT SUMMARY: Quinn Thompson is a recent widower who buys a 180-foot yacht with plans to live on it forever and sail around the world. Once he returns to his empty house, where he grieves after his wife, the house endures the storm of the century and is in need of great repairs. Jack, the newly hired carpenter, becomes not only the builder but also a friend who encourages Quinn to invite his neighbor Maggie. After spending Friday dinners together and finding a lot in common, Maggie and Quinn’s friendships turns into romance. Even though Quinn loves Maggie he does not want to commit because he believes he does not deserve her. He is determined to sail around the world without Maggie who is heartbroken. Even though Quinn enjoys sailing on his newly built yacht he understands that Maggie is the one who he needs by his side.  

Geographical setting: San Francisco, California; Europe

Time period: Present day

Series: n/a                   

Subject headings: Neighbors, Friendships, Carpenters, Storms, Fathers and Daughters, Loss (Psychology) – Fiction, Neighborhoods – San Francisco – Fiction, Dwellings – maintenance and repair – Fiction, Sailing – Fiction

SIMILAR AUTHORS: Susan Wiggs, Barbara Delinsky, Debbie Macomber, Katie Fforde


Steel ignores the old “show, don’t tell” saw entirely here, and the slim plot and repetitive, drab writing may stymie even the most devoted of her fans. (Publishers Weekly, vol 252, issue 18, p.175)

Danielle Steel brings us miracles big and small — the kind we are blessed with and those we give to others. With a subtle hand and a flawless touch, she has written a novel that soars with hope, and makes us laugh, cry, and care. (Google Books)

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