Genre 5, Fantasy: Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

23 Mar

AUTHOR: Neil Gaiman                                      DATE READ: March 3 -9, 2014               Anansi_Boys

TITLE: Anansi Boys                                           PUB. DATE: 2005    

GENRE: Fantasy, adults and YA                        PAGES: 336

APPEAL CHARACTERISTICS:                                             

         PACING: fast paced, compelling

        CHARACTERIZATIONS: eccentric, quirky, vivid  

        STORY LINE: character-driven, intricately plotted, mystical, multiple plotlines                                                                          

        FRAME: darkly humorous, contemporary, urban, magical, entertaining  

PLOT SUMMARY: Fat Charlie lives safe and comfortable life in London with prospect of marrying his fiancée soon.  Everything changes after he finds out that he has a brother, Spider, who is god and who turns his life upside down by taking his girlfriend, his job, and his comfort.  Fat Charlie wants Spider out of his life so he travels to Florida and asks for help from supernatural beings. But after he sees his brother getting hurt, he regrets his requests and helps his brother to fight the supernatural mystical creatures.

Geographical setting: England, Florida (US), Caribbean

Time period: early 21st century

Series: n/a                

Subject headings: Anansi (legendary character) – Fiction; Fathers and Sons – Fiction; Brothers – Fiction; Adventure; Gods; London (England) – Fiction; Florida (US) – Fiction                             

SIMILAR AUTHORS:  Terry Pratchett; Charles de Lint; Emma Bull; Mercedes Lackey; Hakuri Murakami                                       


“…Intermittently lumpy and self-indulgent, but enormously entertaining throughout. And the Gaiman faithful—as hungry for stories as Tiger himself—will devour it gratefully.”

                                                                                                   Kirkus Reviews May 20th, 2010

“…Charlie and Spider are, you see, their father’s sons, and since he was/is Anansi the trickster-god, they can pull some pretty nifty stunts, though Charlie takes awhile learning how. As for Gaiman, he’s the folksy, witty, foolishly wise narrator to perfection, drawing us into the web he weaves as skillfully as any . . . spider.”                         

                                                                                                              BookList, August 1, 2005

“If readers found the Sandman series creator’s last novel, American Gods , hard to classify, they will be equally nonplussed—and equally entertained—by this brilliant mingling of the mundane and the fantastic.”                                                                     Publishers Weekly, July 18, 2005


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